Friday, June 10, 2016

Take It For What It's Worth

*Siren-Beep-Beep-Beep-Beep-Siren-Crash-Rooster Call-Crash-....*
My obnoxious alarm (appropriately named "Extreme Alarm Clock") goes off at full volume, waking me from the coma-like state in which I sleep. I turn it off and roll back over (I have another six alarms set anyways). The last alarm goes off and I wake up irritated and desperate for either more sleep or a giant cup of coffee. I get ready, wishing I was still in bed, and then start my day.

How many of us wake up in a fashion at least somewhat similar to that every day? Not being a morning person is just considered normal (and anyone who doesn't hate mornings, you confuse me greatly). How many of us focus on how much school or work stresses us out? How many of us get irritated when there is "no food" in the house, yet don't feel like getting in our gassed up cars to go to the store? I'm actually procrastinating a trip to Wal-Mart right now! Our wi-fi goes out, our phone battery dies, it's allergy season and it's harder to breathe...the glass is always half empty.

Blessings...if many of us were to sit down and list all of the blessings we have and encounter within a single day, we could easily list over a hundred. Yet we're constantly stressed, frustrated by at least one thing...and that one thing dictates our entire attitude. Why? We don't truly understand the incredible value in our blessings.

Not everyone alive on earth today will wake up tomorrow. I know that it is a somber and morbid thought, but it's the truth. Yet many of us wake up and press snooze five times because we are irritated at the thought of getting up. We don't see the significance when we open our eyes each morning (and some people don't have coffee makers for morning coffee, which is a less tragic, yet still very sad story). Some people can't afford to go to college or can't find work, yet we get stressed out and irritated because we have homework or a long shift that some people only wish they had. Our phone battery dies and we get irritated by being without a phone...because at this point it is normal for basically everyone to own a device that lets us contact everyone we know, access the internet, play games, and download apps. We find it normal have eveything in the palm of our hand, from the Bible to a flashlight to an app that lets us self-diagnose any little thing (and then convince ourselves that we have some crazy rare foreign disease and are dying). We devalue our blessings because we have turned them into expectations.

As for me, I want to start taking my blessings for what they are worth. Life holds no guarantees and no entitlements. I wasn't entitled to wake up today, but I did. I'm not entitled to take my next breath, for my heart to make its next beat, but it does. Today, my eyes see, my ears nose doesn't smell, but I am blessed to not be able to smell the litter box used by seven cats. The sun rose in the east and today came to be. There's food in the fridge. I have a brain to think, legs to walk, and fingers to type this post. I have a college to return to in the fall, family who loves me, and a God who gave me these things and so many other things as gifts because He loves me.

Maybe I will never be a morning person, but hopefully I will appreciate mornings a little bit more.

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